Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions Supports Growth in Timber Construction through Innovative Solutions

Patrícia Gabriel / 21 February 2024

As a leading provider of cutting-edge construction solutions, at Tremco CPG UK we are committed to support the growth in timber construction, as highlighted in the recently launched Timber in Construction (TiC) Policy Roadmap.

The TiC Policy Roadmap, released by the Structural Timber Association (STA) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), lays out a comprehensive framework to promote the increased use of timber in construction. Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions is proud to contribute its expertise and services to help address challenges and facilitate the broader adoption of timber as a construction material. The recommendations outlined in the TiC Policy Roadmap are structured around seven key themes: Demand, Supply, Building Safety, Labour and Skills, Carbon, Insurance, and Innovation.

Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the Structural Timber Association, commended the government's commitment, stating, “The increased use of structural timber presents an opportunity to transition towards a more sustainable and carbon-efficient method of construction. We applaud the leadership that has been shown in setting this objective and in the collaborative approach that has been taken with industry during the development of this essential policy roadmap.”

Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions aligns with the roadmap's goals and emphasises its dedication to supporting the timber frame sector. With a focus on sustainable building, low waste processes, and precision engineering, the timber frame sector is crucial in achieving consistent quality. Tremco CPG UK's product portfolio, including sealing, bonding, and fire stopping products, seamlessly complements timber frame manufacturers providing structural kits or closed panel frames.

The company's products are designed to address critical aspects such as panel junctions, reduction of thermal bridging, better airtightness, and improved thermal efficiency. By simultaneously minimising waste, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions contributes to the overall sustainability goals of the timber construction industry.

"Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions is committed to providing innovative solutions that align with the TiC Policy Roadmap's objectives. Our products contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of timber construction, ensuring that the industry meets the evolving standards for net-zero and the Future Homes Standard," said Paul Wright, National Sales Manager – Modular Manufacturing at Tremco CPG UK.

As the construction industry takes the next steps toward the implementation of the roadmap's recommendations, Tremco CPG Offsite Solutions looks forward to continued collaboration and playing a pivotal role in advancing sustainable timber construction practices.

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