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A New Direction for Affordable Housing

Here at Tremco CPG UK, we understand the needs and demands that the UK construction industry faces and that's why our market-leading brands offer product solutions to match the needs of professionals who install, design and development within the housing association market. Combining our solid insulated wall (Nudura) and render (Dryvit) systems, together with our windows and door solutions, will give architects and specifiers an unrivalled advantage when it comes to delivering an energy-efficient home, which meets current building regulations all within budgetary constraints. 

Nudura solid insulated wall system (ICF) offer a variety of superior benefits when building a solid wall system.

With the UK construction industry now targeted to produce new-build dwellings with a 30% decrease in carbon emissions, along with improved methods for energy consumption, utilising a fabric-first approach is now more vital than ever before. 

Nudura solid insulated wall system (ICF) offers a variety of superior benefits when building a solid wall system. Our forms consist of two panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that are connected with our patented web system (which is made of 100% recycled material!). 

Nudura forms are stacked, steel reinforced and filled with concrete - which completes the building envelope of your dwelling in one building step. Available in a variety of sizes, our forms are designed to accommodate all types of building requirements and designs. 

Nudura homes can help occupants save up to 60% on energy

When discussing product selection for your next project, it is important to consider value. Building with Nudura and CPG product brands has multiple advantages over traditional construction. Our solid insulated wall system combines design flexibility, efficiency and performance to create the ultimate building envelope solution. Industry-leading technology allows UK construction to get the walls up faster and easier, whilst insulating your properties from top to bottom. Nudura systems in combination with the Dryvit external wall finishing system can provide up to *60% better energy savings.

Did you know, that Nudura is 100% recyclable?

Sustainable construction requires a balance between development and environmental benefits and should promote inter-generational fairness i.e. better quality of life for present and future generations. When building with Nudura Solid Wall Insulated systems, structures will do just that.

Nudura building solutions are sustainable buildings, that offer a potential Net Zero energy build. Allowing architects, engineers, and designers to create buildings which are more efficient, and sustainable and create less waste during the construction process.