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Delivering world class product solutions for the construction industry.

All across Europe, city skylines are stronger, safer, more resilient and more sustainable thanks to Tremco CPG Europe.

The wide-spread trust in the quality of our brands and their technologies can be seen by the number of high-profile, challenging and world-leading developments that have chosen to utilise our products, services and expertise.

Sealing, Bonding & Insulation

From illbruck’s solutions promoting energy savings, acoustic and thermal insulation, and air quality in buildings, Dryvit’s External Wall Insulation and finishing systems and Tremco’s waterproof sealing solutions for roofing and flooring – Tremco CPG Europe’s product brands have sealing, bonding and insulation solutions for all areas of a building, including window installation, façade construction, exterior insulation & finishing systems, and structural inplant glazing.

Passive Fire Protection

Specialists in both intumescent coatings for the protection of steel structures and fire stopping solutions for construction movement joints, gaps and service penetrations, Tremco CPG Europe’s product brand Nullifire has built its reputation on the quality of its service and outstanding products.

Whether you’re a specifier, designer, facilities manager, contractor or installer – access support and products from Nullifire’s Passive Fire Protection (PFP) specialists, developed to protect people and buildings from fire.


For 40 years Flowcrete has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology, supplying both the industrial and commercial sectors with innovative fit-for-purpose solutions to transform floors into fully optimised assets that actively enhance a site’s aesthetic, safety, sustainability and cleanliness levels. Today, Flowcrete provides a wide range of quality resin flooring formulations, including car park structures, subfloor preparation, decorative epoxy, ultra-durable polyurethane, fast curing methyl methacrylate (MMA) and vinyl ester systems.

For damp proof membranes, smoothing compounds and adhesives, Tremco provides flooring professionals with fully compatible systems, and prides itself on remaining innovative and ecological.


Our range of waterproofing membranes from Tremco comprise a complete set of liquid and sheet applied systems that combine the benefits of rapid installation with the long term performance demanded of modern construction.

The range includes PU systems and solutions that use the latest MMA resins. Included within the range are systems specifically developed for the protection of buried structures. Our waterproofing systems are ideal for use in applications ranging from ground slab, split slab, shuttering and backfilled walls, through to podium decks, inverted roof and green roof installations.


Civil engineering, potable & waste water industry, balconies, podia & terraces and basements & foundations from Tremco CPG Europe product brands Vandex and Tremco.

From preventive work in new construction to complex troubleshooting in existing structures carried out over a period of more than 65 years, Vandex solutions cover civil engineering, concrete repair, old building refurbishment and waste water.

Tremco’s waterproofing solutions for roofing and flooring have been the UK’s preferred choice for more than 75 years. Covering balconies & walkways, car parks, podiums, roofing and structural waterproofing.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) & Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)

Architects, specifiers, self-builders, and contractors are provided with more efficient methods of construction from Tremco CPG Europe product brands, Dryvit and Nudura. 

Dryvit's External Wall Insulation (EWI) and finishing systems have provided energy efficient exteriors since 1969, and remain a trusted choice for those who want an insulated cladding solution that is both cost-effective and high performing.  

Solid Wall Insulated technology (ICFs) from Nudura enables homes and commercial dwellings to be constructed in a more robust and environmentally friendly manner. The combination of polystyrene and concrete provides a thermal mass, allowing structures to be heated and cooled more effectively.